Camping Rates & Reservation Requests

Situated on just over 12 wooded acres, Shady Oaks Campground is ideal for year around camping. Our facilities are among the best in the Ozark Mountains. Our goal is to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. With this goal in mind, we are always working to provide the best camping experience possible. We have a complete array of camping, recreational and convenience facilities to assure your time with us is top notch. We make improvements each year to provide you with the best camping experience possible.

Large Group Primitive Tent & Hammock Camping
Per Person
Nightly rate: $16.00 per person + tax
Tent – Primitive and Private
2 Person Pricing
(No electric and water close by)
12, 35, 36
Nightly rate: $28.00 + tax
Tent – Electric and Private
2 Person Pricing
(Off site water available)
1, 2, 3, 5, 33, 34
Nightly rate: $31.00 + tax
Pop Up or Camper
2 Person Pricing
(On site water and electric)
4, 6, 7, 13
Nightly rate: $34.00 + tax
Full Hook Up 30 amp
2 Person Pricing
(30 amp/Sewer/Cable)
8, 9, 11, 14, 15, 16, 26, 27, 30, 31, XC1, XC2
Nightly rate: $50.00 + tax
Full Hook Up 50 amp
2 Person Pricing
(50 amp/Sewer/Cable)
10, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 32
Nightly rate: $50.00 + tax
Glamping Tents
2 Person Pricing
Our glamping tents have all the basic kitchen essentials. This includes a mini fridge, coffee maker, and microwave, also fully heated and aired. Seating area located outside of each tent.
Bucks Place: Queen bed with futon that pulls out.
Dollywood: Queen bed with futon that pulls out.
Nightly rate: $95.00 + tax
Camper Cabins
(2 person pricing)
Small fridge/freezer, coffeemaker, microwave, air conditioning and heat. If linens and towels are requested, the price is a $15.00 one-time charge for first bed and a $5.00 for each additional bed. Showers and restrooms are close by.
Black River Retreat: Full main floor, 1 full and 1 single in loft
Buffalo River Bugalow: Full main floor, 1 full and 1 single in loft
Bull Shoals Bunkhouse: Full and single main floor, 1 full and 1 single in loft
Hog Creek Cottage: Single over full bunk main floor, 1 full and 1 single in loft
Nightly rate: $95.00 + tax
Full Service Cabins
(2 person pricing)
Bedding/Towels provided
Crooked Creek Cabin: Well equipped kitchen area including cookware, drip coffee maker, utensils and dishes, table and 4 stools, futon, bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, Cable TV, bedding and towels included, queen main level and 2 full in loft. Air conditioning and heat.
Ozark Mountain Cabin: Well equipped kitchen including cookware, drip coffee maker, utensils and dishes, bar seating area, bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, Cable TV, futon, bedding and towels included, queen main level and 3 singles in loft. Air conditioning and heat.
Nightly rate: $120.00 + tax
10% discount for Veterans – thank you for your service!
We also have Weekly & Monthly rates available in our recently expanded extended stay area. Please contact us for details.
All pricing is subject to change.
All prices are based on Double Occupancy, extra people over the age of 5 will be charged as follows:
Private Tent/RV/Camper: $5.00 per person, per day
Camping Cabins: $12.50 per person, per day
Full Service Cabins: $15.00 per person, per day
Guest Fee: $5.00 per person, per day
Dog Cost in Cabins (max 2 dogs): $10.00 per dog per day (other rules apply)
Overflow Parking/Extra Vehicle: $5.00 per day per vehicle

Request a Reservation Online

We are looking forward to meeting and serving you here at Shady Oaks Campground during your Ozark Mountain vacation. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to confirm your reservation. Please note, reservations are not guaranteed until a deposit payment is made or is held with your credit information. As of July 5, 2022, we require a half down deposit for ALL reservations.

When you reserve at Shady Oaks, you will receive this information in your confirmation email:

Park Policies:  

- All Guests must check-in at the office prior to entering the park.
     RV & Tent Guests:
     - Check-in is from 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM*
     - Check-out is no later than 11:00 AM
 Cabin Guests: 
     - Check-in is from 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM*
     - Check-out is no later than 11:00 AM
- Running Late?
     - Please contact the Park Office, as soon as possible, at 870-743-2343.
     - Late arrivals will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
     - Late arrivals are subject to a Late Check-in fee.
 - NO CHECK-INS AFTER DARK (Safety Reasons).
 - Quiet Time is from 10:00 PM - 8:00 AM.
 - Unless your pet is enjoying themselves at the Dog Park, they MUST be on a leash when outdoors.

  Cancellation Policy:
 - Deposits are 100% non-refundable, no exceptions.
 - All cancellations received within 29 days of check-in are subject to an additional $25.00 Cancellation Fee.
 - No Shows will be charged up to the balance of the reservation plus a $25.00 Cancellation Fee.
 - Camper credit is valid up to a year.

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